Abduction orthoses are used to treat hip luxation and other developmental disorders of the hip with children.

Woodcast 4 mm complemented with 1 mm Ribbon fit for an abduction orthosis. An orthosis is individually made according to the child’s measurements. The frame of the orthosis is created by combining Woodcast 4 mm splints into a sheet and reinforcing the joints with Woodcast 1 mm Ribbon. The size of the child determines the required amount of Woodcast material.

An abduction orthosis is applied in cooperation by the orthopaedist, the person applying the cast, and a physiotherapist. The orthopaedist determines the correct hip angle and the physiotherapist assists the person applying the orthosis by holding the child’s hips in the desired position.

An orthosis made to measurements from Woodcast material is guaranteed to be suitable and light for the child, besides being extremely cost-effective for the hospital.


  1. Transfer the pattern to the Woodcast sheet and cut the orthosis out according to the pattern. You can use the Woodcast heating device as a work platform.
  2. Pad the inside of the orthosis and attach the padding with press-through studs. Also add the Velcro fasteners needed to attach the orthosis.
  3. Put the orthosis on the child. The orthopaedist will determine the correct hip angle and the physiotherapist will assist you in applying the orthosis by holding the child’s hips in the desired position until the orthosis has cooled. To avoid having to keep the child in the correct position for very long, you should use cold packs to speed up the cooling
  4. Make sure that the orthosis is completely cool on all sides, fits snugly and keeps the child’s hips in the position determined by the doctor.
  5. A completed orthosis is light and comfortable for the child to wear. The Velcro fasteners also make it easy to take off and put back on.