The number one request we get is a circumferential cast. While we generally advise splinting, it is possible to make circumferential applications with Woodcast. As always with Woodcast, it's faster and more comfortable than with standard materials!

In this tutorial, we're making a short arm cast. You will need:

  • 2 pcs Woodcast 4in1 (2mm)
  • 2 pieces of stockinette (from elbow to mid-finger length)
  • AirPadding
  • Optional: ca. 50-60 cm Woodcast 1mm Ribbon for finishing the cast



Apply one stockinette. Apply Adhesive AirPadding and a second stockinette.

Combine two 4in1 splints into one, leaving a hole for the thumb as shown on the video. Apply  around the wrist.

Pinch together from the ulnar side. This is where you control the tightness of the cast.

Cut off excess material with scissors. When you cut warm Woodcast, you'll automatically get a nice, smooth seam. Trim the edges if needed.

Fold the stockinettes on top. Check the edges, and apply two pieces of Woodcast Ribbon to keep the stockinette ends in place.